What are your opening hours?

We are open every day from 9:00 to 18:00. We are closed on April 27 (Kings day).

How much is the bike rental?

The price depends on the type of bike and the rental time. The rent is always charged afterwards and is calculated in days or half days so you never pay too much. You can check the prices on our website or contact us for an exact quotation.

How can I extend my bike rental?

You can simply keep the bike as long as you want as the rent is charged afterwards. Be aware that we are open every day from 9:00 to 18:00.

Can I return my bike after opening hours?

This is only possible when you have a credit card. Please request for a late return when you pick up your bike and we will help you.

What deposit do you need?

We require a copy of a credit card per 4 bikes (the credit card is not charged) or one ID per 4 bikes and 20 euro cash per bike.

Does the bike come with locks?

Every bike comes with 2 locks. We will explain to you how to use them when. Always use both locks when you park your bike!

What happens when my bike gets stolen?

When your bike is stolen you are liable for the replacement costs of the bike. This depends on the type of bike and is a minimum of 400 euro. If you have taken the optional theft insurance and meet the conditions you only pay the deductible of 50 euro (normal bike).

What are the conditions of the theft insurance?

To successfully claim the theft insurance you need to have: 1. parked and locked your bike with both locks and according to our instructions; 2. returned both bike keys; 3. pick up a police report. In this case you pay the deductible instead of the replacement costs of the bike. We will explain the conditions when you pick up a bike.

Do you charge for damage?

We don't charge for damage unless the bike has been mistreated or the traffic rules or our instructions were ignored.

What should I do when I have a flat tire or other problem?

In case of a flat tire or other problem with your bike you have to walk the bike back to us or give us a phone call for instructions and help.

Can I park my bike anywhere?

Always park your bike at designated parking spots or bike racks. Your bike will be removed by the municipality if it's not parked correctly. Especially at train stations and big squares like Leidseplein and Rembrandtplein.

Can we use the bike with 2 people?

It's not allowed to use a single bike with 2 persons. This is not safe and will cause damage to the bike. Choose a tandem bike if you want to ride together!

Do I need to reserve a bike?

It is not necessary to reserve your bike as we always have sufficient bikes. For special bikes or groups of 8 people and more we recommend to make a reservation.

Can you handle large groups?

Big groups are no problem for us. We often have groups of 20-100 people. We recommend to make a reservation so we can ensure a smooth process.
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